Things to Know Before You Start

What Watch Models Can I Request a Quote For?

  • Any Casio watch with strap adapters
  • Most Casio watches without strap adapters (Refer to our lug width tab below to ensure your watch is compatible) 
  • Most brands (Sports, Divers, Military, Pilot, Racing and Casual watches,
  • Most Smartwatches

Band Specifications

Special order bands are made in two different widths as follows:

Lug Width 16 mm 22 mm:

  • Width: Approx. 30 mm (1.18″)
  • Thickness: Approx. 10 mm (.40″)

Lug Width 24 mm and up:

  • Width: Approx. 35 mm (1.40″)
  • Thickness: Approx. 10 mm (.40″)

Measuring Your Wrist

Always measure your wrist for a perfect fit! For accurate measurement, use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist. Your wrist size is where number zero meets the highest number on the tape! Click on the picture below for help!

Watch Dimensions

Watch cases are internationally measured in millimeters, refer to your manufacturer’s manual or measure your watch vertically to determine the correct size, Measure from the 12 o’clock hour down to the 6 o’clock hour. (from lug to lug)

Lug Width

Lug width is the space between the lugs where your strap connects to your watch! This measurement is commonly determined in millimeters. Our bands are easily installed just like a regular watch band, with regular spring bars, strap screws or metal tubes. Click on the picture below If you are unsure our bands will fit your watch!

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Adjustable for Comfort

These bands are made with an adjustable hook and loop that expands 1 extra inch for comfort! 

Over 50 Paracord Colors

Build a band your way! You can build a band with a single or two colors! Our paracord contains 50 colors and are numbered for easy order! 


Our Buckles

Our Paracord Colors