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Yes, we make bands for most Casio watches! 

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Do Your Bands Fit My Casio?

Yes, as long as your watch is compatible! Feel free to watch this 2.5 min. video or you can just read the information below! 

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How do I know if your band will fit my Casio?

Band Compatibility Explained

Strap Screw and Spring Bars

When selecting a watch band, it's crucial to ensure that the lug width matches the width of the space where the strap connects to the watch. Our bands cater to watches with lug widths ranging from 16mm to 24mm. This versatile range allows for a proper fit, ensuring comfort and stability when wearing your watch with a new band.

Holding the Band

Importance of Screw Length: The strap screws need to be long enough to securely hold the bands in place once fully inserted. This ensures that the bands will not come loose during use, preventing any potential accidents or damage.

Band Fitting

Survival bands are designed to seamlessly integrate with your watch. With two separate belts and lug holes large enough to fit through your strap screw or spring bar, the installation process is straightforward. This ensures that your survival bands can be quickly and securely attached to your watch.

Space Between Two Lugs Determines Compatibility

Casio Watches Not Compatible

Some Casio watches, like the GWG-2000 and GG-B100, have unique lug widths such as center notched and multi notched. For these models, standard bands will not fit, and strap adapters with spring bars may be necessary for installation. It's important to check the compatibility of watch bands with these specific Casio models to ensure a proper fit.

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2000
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100


Basic Required Measurements

Wrist size

Importance of Measuring Wrist: Measuring your wrist before choosing a band is crucial. This step ensures comfort and an accurate fit for your wristwatch.

watch case size

Accurate Watch Case Measurement: Ensuring precise watch case measurements is crucial for a comfortable band fit. Start measuring from the 12 o'clock hour down to the 6 o'clock hour. This method guarantees proper sizing for a snug and comfortable wear.

lug width

Lug width is the space between the lugs where the strap is installed. This measurement is crucial when choosing a new strap for your watch. It ensures that the strap will fit securely and comfortably on your wrist. It's important to match the lug width of your watch with the width of the strap you want to purchase to avoid any fitting issues.