Most Common Questions From Casio Customers

Yes, we make bands for most Casio watches! 

Check if your watch is compatible to our bands

Do Your Bands Fit My Casio?

Yes, as long as your watch is compatible! Feel free to watch this 2.5 min. video or you can just read the information below! 

In this video!

How do I know if your band will fit my Casio?

Band Compatibility Explained

Strap Screw and Spring Bars

Remove your strap screws or spring bar, then make sure the lug width is at least 16 mm wide (This space is where your strap connects to the watch, not the actual strap size) We make bands for watches with lug width between 16 mm to 24 mm

Holding the Band

The strap screws must be long enough so they can hold the bands in place when fully inserted.

Band Fitting

If you Casio watch has strap screws, you must ensure the screws can be reinstalled and able to hold our bands. Our survival bands are installed on your watch just like a regular strap, there are two separate belts and both have a lug hole large enough to fit through your strap screw or spring bar

Space Between Two Lugs Determines Compatibility

Casio Watches Not Compatible

Some Casio watches have unique lug widths, such as center notched and multi notched, our bands will not fit these watches. E.g. GWG-2000 and GG-B100 (Shown below) Some Casio watches may require strap adapters with spring bars to install our bands.

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2000
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100

3 Ways to Buy Your Band


Over 60 preset color combinations and 5 types of buckles

Choose Band & Buckle

Build your own band with a choice of 48 cord colors 5 buckles

Customize Your Way


Basic Required Measurements

Wrist size

Always measure your wrist! Measuring will ensure your band will be comfortable and will accurately fit!

watch case size

Accurate watch case measurement is a very important component to making a comfortable band. Always measure your watch from the 12 o'clock hour down to the 6 o'clock hour!

lug width

This is the space where your current strap is installed on your watch.

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