get It Your Way


16 mm to 18 mm Lug Width Only

Get It Your Way

You can now custom order your survival band! All bands come with this curved quick release buckle. Order your favorite band in 5 quick easy steps: 

Package includes: 2″ long curved quick release black buckle with fire starter, scraper, whistle and compass. (Compass should not be used as a professional navigation instrument) Small and comfortable, this curved buckle is a great option for everyday or outdoors. 

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Available Colors

USA-A1 Solid Black
USA-A2 Army Green
USA-A3 Navy Blue
USA-A4 Red
USA-A5 Royal Blue
USA-A6 Light Brown
USA-A7 Light Green
USA-A8 Light Gray
USA-A9 Light Blue
USA-A10 Crimson Red
USA-A11 Yellow
USA-A12 Ocean Blue
USA-A13 Dark Gray
USA-A14 Orange
USA-A15 Neon Green Non-Reflective
USA-A16 Coyote Brown
USA-A17 Dark Green
USA-A18 Dark Brown
USAA19 Gunmetal
USA-A20 Dark Green Camo
USA-A21 Brown Green camo
USA-A22 Green Grass Camo
USA-A23 Coyote Brown Camo
USA-A24 Yellow Camo
USA-A25 Red Camo
USA-A26 Fire Ball Camo
USA-A27 Red Green
USA-A28 Black Royal Blue
USA-A29 Royal Blue Camo
USA-A30 Olive Green Camo
USA-A31 White Camo
USA-A32 Orange and Dark Gray
USA-A33 Non-Reflective Neon Green and Royal Blue
USA-A34 Green Beige Camo
USA-A35 Gold and Pink
USA-A36 Light Gray Snake
USA-A37 Dark Gray Snake
USA-A38 Purple and Black Snake
USA-A39 Red Black Snake
USA-A40 Red Green Snake
USA-A41 Ocean Blue Black Snake
USA-A42 Royal Blue Black Snake
USA-A43 Blue Multicolor
USA-A44 Black and Gold
USA-A45 Beige
USA-A50 Desert Camo 1
USA-A51 Desert Camo 2
USA-A52 Desert Camo 3