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How To Order a Band for Your Casio Watch

Band Fits DW-5600 - Royale - Many Others

Check Compatible List Below for More Casio Watches


Things to Know Before You Buy

Band Specifications

Regardless buckle of choice, all bands have the same specifications as follows:

  • Approximate thickness: 10 mm (0.40″)  
  • Approximate width: 25 mm (1″)

List of Compatible Casio Models

  • Casio G-Shock DW-5600 Series
  • Casio G-Shock GW-2300 Series
  • Casio AE-1200 Series (AKA Royale)
  • Casio AE-1300 Series
  • Casio AE-1400 Series
  • Casio AE-1500 Series
  • Casio WS-1300 Series
  • Casio WS-1400 Series
  • Casio WS-1600 Series
  • Casio WS-1700 Series
  • Casio W-218 Series
  • Casio W-219 Series
  • Casio MRW-200 Series
  • Casio F-108 Series
  • Casio F-91 Series

Learn How to Install Your New Band

Band installation! Click here!

Measuring Your Wrist

Always measure your wrist for a perfect fit! For accurate measurement, use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist. Your wrist size is where number zero meets the highest number on the tape! Click on the picture below for help!

Adjustable for Comfort

These bands are made with an adjustable hook and loop with 1 extra inch for comfort! 


Over 50 Paracord Colors

Build a band your way! You can build a band with a single or two colors! Our paracord contains 50 colors and are numbered for easy order! 

Click on the picture to see our colors! 

Choice of Buckles

Click to See Buckles

Choose a Cord Color


Choose Your Paracord Color(s)

For single color band type color number in any box!

Select Your Preferrred Buckle
Select Your Wrist Size (Adjustable expands 1 extra inch)
Select Your Casio Model
Select Your Watch Lug Width
What color would you like in the MIDDLE?
What color would you like on the EDGES?