Basic Required Measurements


Measure Your Watch Case

Always measure your watch vertically! Start from the 12 o'clock hour down to the 6 o'clock hour! 




Measure Your Wrist

Always measure your wrist for a comfortable and perfect fit! Just wrap a flexible tape around you wrist, your wrist size is where number zero meets the highest number on the tape! 

Get Your Watch Lug Width

Lug width is the internal width where the band is installed, commonly in millimeters! You can find that information in your watch manual or current strap.

Get Your Favorite Band

Now, you are ready to start looking for that special band! To help you with your purchase, we have ready to purchase bands in a variety of colors and buckles, however, you can also customize a band from scratch, just go to our "Customize Your Way" page, we offer over 45 cord colors and 5 different buckles to choose from. 

How to measure accurately

Measuring Your Wrist

Measuring your wrist will ensure a comfortable and perfect fit! Your size is where number zero meets with the highest number on the tape!

Lug Width

First ensure your watch lug is compatible to our bands! Lug is the space where the watch band connects to the watch. Most watches use spring bars, but some Casio and similar watches may have strap screws instead. Sometimes this measurement is also  printed on your current watch band or watch manual. 

Watch Size

Lastly, measuring accurately your watch case is essential for a perfect fit band! Just lay your watch on a flat surface, then use a tape measure or ruler to measure your watch from lug to lug. In order to avoid errors,  always measure the case from the 12 o’clock hour down to the 6 o’clock hour. (The lugs are the spaces where the new  band will connect to your  watch)

You can measure it in inches, then convert to millimeters. Conversion tables are available on the web through any search engine.

Need more help?


Learn How to Measure Your Wrist and Watch Accurately