get It Your Way


Get It Your Way

You can now custom order your survival band! All bands come with a 3 functions buckle. Order your favorite band in 5 quick easy steps: 

Package includes: 2.5″ long straight quick release black buckle featuring: fire starter, scraper (knife) and whistle.

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Available Colors

USA-A1 Solid Black
USA-A2 Army Green
USA-A3 Navy Blue
USA-A4 Red
USA-A5 Royal Blue
USA-A6 Light Brown
USA-A7 Light Green
USA-A8 Light Gray
USA-A9 Light Blue
USA-A10 Crimson Red
USA-A11 Yellow
USA-A12 Ocean Blue
USA-A13 Dark Gray
USA-A14 Orange
USA-A15 Neon Green Non-Reflective
USA-A16 Coyote Brown
USA-A17 Dark Green
USA-A18 Dark Brown
USAA19 Gunmetal
USA-A20 Dark Green Camo
USA-A21 Brown Green camo
USA-A22 Green Grass Camo
USA-A23 Coyote Brown Camo
USA-A24 Yellow Camo
USA-A25 Red Camo
USA-A26 Fire Ball Camo
USA-A27 Red Green
USA-A28 Black Royal Blue
USA-A29 Royal Blue Camo
USA-A30 Olive Green Camo
USA-A31 White Camo
USA-A32 Orange and Dark Gray
USA-A33 Non-Reflective Neon Green and Royal Blue
USA-A34 Green Beige Camo
USA-A35 Gold and Pink
USA-A36 Light Gray Snake
USA-A37 Dark Gray Snake
USA-A38 Purple and Black Snake
USA-A39 Red Black Snake
USA-A40 Red Green Snake
USA-A41 Ocean Blue Black Snake
USA-A42 Royal Blue Black Snake
USA-A43 Blue Multicolor
USA-A44 Black and Gold
USA-A45 Beige
USA-A50 Desert Camo 1
USA-A51 Desert Camo 2
USA-A52 Desert Camo 3