Adjustable Survival Watch Band Easy Order Catalog for 1.75″ Long Curved Black Buckle for 20 mm to 22 mm Lug Width Watches

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  1. Select you wrist size
  2. Select your watch case size
  3. Al bands are numbered. Just type in the box the band number, type USA plus the band number. That’s all!



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  • Available wrist sizes: 5″, 6′, 7″, 8″ , 9″ and 10″
  • Watch case sizes: from 40 mm to 55 mm
  • Band lug width sizes: from 20 mm to 22 mm
  • Easy to install with regular spring bars or strap screws
  • Hook and loop extends 1 extra inch for easy adjustment
  • Amount of usable cord: Approximately 5 to 8 feet depending on the wrist size
  • Cord grade: 550 strength 7 strands core
  • Strong cord but comfortable to wear
  • Buckle type: 1.75” curved quick release
  • Buckle material: Plastic
  • Made in USA

Band measurements:

  • Band thickness: approx. 10 mm (.39″)
  • Band width: approx. 30 mm (1.18″)


 Black and Orange

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Black and Red

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Black and Yellow

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USA-59 (not reflective)

Black and Neon Green

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Black and Tan

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Black and Crimson Red

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Black and Coyote Brown

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Black  Olive Camouflage

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Black Brown Camo

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Black and Ocean Blue 

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Black and Light Blue 

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Black and Purple 

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Black Dark Gray

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Black Royal Blue

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Black Navy Blue

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Black Army Green

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Comfortable and light survival watch band! Watch the video to see it! 

Can’t find the right color band to match your watch in this page? 

No problem! For limited time we can make any adjustable band in our store with this 1.75″ long black buckle for $35.95. Yes! Any color! 

Just click on the green button below (Opens in a new tab); choose your favorite  band, then enter the band number (either says SKU or reference number) in the cart box that says  “Enter band number below”,  select your wrist size and watch case size.

That’s all!